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Luxury hotels

Luxury and gorgeous hotel business become an high classes property and consumption's combination body itself must required own top famous product and services. Likelihood the hotel group's culture will be the continuing name tiles and quality requesting in China. My division have planed and provide supporting to opening five star hotel in China.


Understanding of Hotel Project

1. Big project/ Details

2.Capital & Products Moving/Products Moving

3. Importer/Supplier

4.Scheduled timetable/ Delayed timetable

5. Local service/ Worldwide service

CF Service

1.Normal payment + Foreign exchanging suggestion

2. Normal Freight-forwarding + Stock/displaying/processing

3. Normal service + Service at site


Hotel project logistic service

*Park Hyatt Beijing  

*The Peninsula Shanghai

*Grand Hyatt Shenzhen Hotel

*Jiahe Boutique Hotel

*Beijing CCTV Mandarin Oriental Hotel

*Park Hyatt Ningbo