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AC100 WB
AC100 WB is a solventfree dispersion coating based on special acryl-siloxane polymer dispersion, nano additives and selected fillers, suitable for "longlasting protection " of concrete and masonry even when exposed to aggressive environmental conditions.
It has excellent and durable adhesion and flexibility and optimal aesthetics. Due to the cross-linking properties, the dirt pick-up and resistance against algae growth is superior compared against conventional coatings.
Intended use:
» Self-cleaning decorative coating
» Protective and decorative finish for facades in concrete or masonry, even in aggressive
environments, like in industrial areas, ..etc
» As protection against the penetration of carbon dioxide
» As flexible coating over micro cracks in the substrate.
» Fast and simple application by roller, or by spraying
» water based, and does not contain toxic ingredients. Does not smell.
» Is waterproofing, but still water vapour permeable.
» Excellent adhesion to the substrate.
» Permanent bridging of micro-cracks. Extremely good performance in elongation and
» recovery without cracking.
» Self-cleaning
» Durable, and resistant to and protection against acid rain, frost/thaw action, UV light, with
» stable colours.
» It has anti-algae and anti-mould properties.
The substrate must be dry and clean, without any efflorescence, traces of oil, algae, .. or any other substance which may decrease the adhesion. Traces of algae must be cleaned first with a fungicidal wash. Eventually this treatment must be repeated a few times. Allow to dry before continuing the further applications.
In the case of micro cracks, apply AC100WB by brush over them, and allow drying (4-6 h. depending on climatic conditions). Eventual damages, large cracks, or irregular substrates can be repaired by fast setting concrete repair mortar.
In the case of porous substrates, apply first the primer PRIMER 46 for the homogenisation of the substrate and reduction of the suction, to avoid entrapped airbubbles. Before starting to apply, mix the coating properly. Do not add water!
» Apply by brush, roller or by spray application, but make sure to finish always in the same
» direction.
» AC100WB is applied in 2 layers. Wait till the first layer is completely dry before
» starting to apply the second layer. This can take 6 to 8 hours.
» Do not apply when temperature is lower < 8°C.
» Applications in high humidity or rain should be avoided