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Financial consulting project
Project Description 
        My Division from 2001 on wards Acting US  financial information company China's import and export business. 
         My Division from 2009 on wards Acting  US  financial information company to manage its warehouse in China Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen three cities. And is responsible for its nationwide service to send and receive equipment, including the replacement of equipment and layout of the exhibition works. 
        Our consulting company in China responsible for  financial information company's comprehensive logistics services: 
 financial information company received a shipping notification and documentation - organize files - receive notice of arrival for a single - after submitting the documents to complete the inspection, customs documents - arrange appropriate inspection and quarantine - the release of goods - sent arrangements goods to the designated warehouse - the goods to the warehouse after finishing the goods, according to the  financial information company global Item Number entry storage system - according to  financial information company's instructions for the use of its equipment in China -  financial information company customers delivery of new equipment, recover old equipment - finishing back old equipment for testing - the need of equipment to repair will arrange customs to returned back to  financial information company; meet retirement criteria for destruction.